All the people who can’t post on Facebook any more.

A very well informed Facebook friend, Mike Booth, has been blocked from Facebook.  She had a lot of Conservative connections in Washington and kept us up to date, on what was really happening, ahead of even Fox News.  It isn’t just the big sites Facebook is blocking.  She did have over 4000 Facebook “friends” but she did not have a commercial site and just posted like the rest of us.  Looks like I may have to start posting things here that are Political and just put a link on my facebook timeline.  Here is a link to one of the last things she was able to post.  She had put a link to this in a comment.  Deep State Revealed

Don’t Save a Tree!

Every time someone suggests not using a paper product so we can “save a tree” it makes me cringe.  There are more trees in North America today than when there were when only Native Americans were here.  Paper companies plant millions of trees, cultivate them and then harvest them, mainly to make into paper products.  Then they plant them again.  Farmers plant acres of trees as a cash investment for the future on land not needed for farming.  Trees also mean jobs for a lot of people who work in the paper mills producing paper products.

And don’t get me started on Christmas Trees.  How many farm families depend on the sale of their Christmas Trees to put them in the black for the year.  Again, these trees are planted, cultivated, harvested and replanted on land that might otherwise lie fallow with weeds.

Trees are a renewable resource.  Much more so than the plastic from petroleum by-products.    Paper dissolves within a year when exposed to the elements; Plastic takes centuries to break down.  Don’t save a tree, save a job, our planet, our economy.