BEEN THINKING ABOUT Black Lives Matter and White Privilege.

I was watching a Pod Cast of a Conservative talking about how *underprivileged* people in Eastern Kentucky are.  Nine of the worst counties in the U.S. are in Eastern Kentucky and yet it is predominantly White.  But no one talks about Eastern Kentucky in the news.  He showed present day pictures of living conditions there.  It is like third world country.  The life expectancy is 7 years below the U.S. average.  The drugs are rampant as well as suicide. A very small percentage of the population has a Bachelor’s degree.  But these are White people.

Then he spoke of what he considered his own *privilege*.  Yes, he is white but he did not consider that as important to his success in life as his childhood, being brought up by both parents who stayed together and are still together.  He had parents who put their children’s welfare above their own, making sure they had healthy food, adequate shelter and clothing and most important Spiritual training and loving discipline.  That is a privilege he experienced that many Black children never have.  So what causes that.

OK, we will talk about the Elephant in the room.  During slavery Black men were moved around from female to female to breed the same as one only needs one rooster or bull to breed with up to 10 females (or more).  Eventually, the black men who could produce the most offspring without caring about being torn from the family unit, became prized as slaves.  Within about three generations, this became a norm in the Black population and still exists today.  We see healthy, intelligent Black men going from woman to woman leaving more unsupported children in their wake with no adequate support or a male role model to guide and direct them.  The boys brag about how many “baby mamas” they have and even the girls expect to have babies by a number of different men. 

The pod-caster named fatherless homes as a Black disadvantage.  I think we are also seeing this as a growing trend among the White population.  The pod-caster asked, “What do we do about it”. 

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