They Would Not Understand

Life isn’t black and white.  It is also grey, green, blue, yellow and sometimes even red.  Self-righteousness has no place in reality.  Yes, there is the Model Life to try to attain but to think that it is really attainable is just an illusion.  To think you have attained it, is an hallucination.  It is a cloke to disguise our own shortcomings.

But are we really hiding our shortcomings?  What we think is a cloke is actually a barrier between us and others.  They see the cloke and know there is something being hidden.  They may not know what it is but they know there is something being hidden.  So the secrets are kept on both sides of the cloke.  Others don’t tell us their secrets because of the cloke.  It says, that secrets are to be hidden, not displayed for all to see.  

We think if others saw our secrets, would they think less of us?  Can we take that chance?   We’ve got to protect our image at all costs.  So we wear the cloke.  We try to present the illusion that we don’t have any problems.  And as long as we project that image, no one will dare tell us they have any problems.  We continue to live in the imaginary world we have created where all is beautiful and lovely.  

Then, our loved one commits suicide or is arrested for drugs, or commits adultry or worse.  Or maybe we do those things.  If we are wealthy, we can sometimes spend the money to keep it quiet.  Don’t let this show to others.  Cover it with the cloke.  Pretend it never happened.  Make up a story to take the place of reality.  Others would not understand.

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