The Final Straw

This world is in a mess and I really don’t see how anything can be done except that Christ Himself intervenes. 

The statement has been made that there is only ONE chance to get this right and the timing has to be perfect.  I see so many, when we try to show them the evil, saying, “I’m not a political person” or “I’m just so tired of the negativity” or “I don’t like to think about things like that.” Americans are too comfortable with their world and just don’t realize how little will be left in a very short time and then they will look around and say “how did we get here?”

We ARE the Church of the Laodiceans .  (Rev 3:14=)

 I’ve been researching the Child Abuse Trafficking Activity and it has been being reported by reputable people for years and no one has cared to do anything about it.  No one wants to think that such abomination could really exist.  I heard recently that when Kamala Harris was asked about it before the elections, she replied, “those children are just trash.”  Even now, there is no notice being given to the thousands of innocent victims, because most of them are coming from poor Asian countries where the parents are actually selling their children.  Is any child trash? Doesn’t every child deserve to be loved and nurtured.

I really don’t care if Trump comes back.  He is old and I imagine tired of all the hassle.  God will anoint the right person to lead our country, but are people more enamored with Trump than they are with Righteousness?  It is going to take people being so totally disgusted with the government that only then will they believe Truth when it is told?

Before the Exodus, as overburdened as the Hebrew slaves were, it took Pharaoh making them find their own straw to make the bricks.  That probably required even the women and children hunting for straw.  Then, they said, “Enough” and were willing to follow Moses out of Egypt.  I guess that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  What will be America’s?

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